Supreme Itinerary

July 2019

July 20   SAM and SAP Reception Cumberland, PA
July 27   SC Reception Atlanta, GA

August 2019

August 1-3 SRM Louisiana Grand Court Baton Rouge, LA
August 9-11 SRM Alaska Grand Court Anchorage, AK
August 15 SRM Madison Court Alma, MI
August 24 SRM Wichita Court Wichita, KS
Aug 26-Sept 7 SRM Queensland Grand Court – Special Session Brisbane, Queensland

September 2019

September 8-15 SRM New South Wales Grand Court – Special Session Bankstown, NSW
September 26-28 SRM Idaho Grand Court Boise, ID

October 2019

October 3-5 SRM Iowa Grand Court Des Moines, IA
October 10-12 SC North Carolina Grand Court Clemmons, NC
October 10-12 SRM Wisconsin Grand Court Dells, WI
October 17-19 SRM Illinois Grand Court Effingham, IL
October 26 SRM Silver State Court Las Vegas, NV
October 30   ADA/ADF Annual Meeting Arlington, VA

November 2019

November 7-9 SRM New Mexico Grand Court Albuquerque, NM
November 14-16 SAM Alabama Grand Court Eufaula, AL
November 14-16 SAC Minnesota Grand Court Bloomington, MN
Nov 18-Dec 10 SRM St Marks Court Inverness, Scotland

January 2020

January 8 SRM Baytown Court Channelview, TX
January 10 SRM Blue Bonnet Court Richland Hills, TX
January 11 SRM Yellow Rose Court Cleburne, TX
January 18-31 SRM Philippines Grand Court – Special Session Manila, Philippines

February 2020

February 6 SRM Royal Court and Magnolia Court Parkersburg, WV
February 13-15 SRM Virginia Grand Court Portsmouth, VA
February 20-22 SRM California Grand Court Visalia, CA
February 27-29 SRM Colorado Grand Court Denver, CO
February 27-29 SAM South Carolina Grand Court Myrtle Beach, SC

March 2020

March 5-7 SRM British Columbia Grand Court Abbotsford, BC
March 12-14 SRM Oregon Grand Court Lebanon, OR
March 19-21 SAM Georgia Grand Court Peachtree Corners, GA
March 19-21 SRM Washington Grand Court Yakima, WA
March 26-28 SAM Kentucky Grand Court Louisville, KY

April 2020

April 2-4 SAC Connecticut Grand Court Hartford, CT
April 2-4 SRM Tennessee Grand Court Gatlinburg, TN
April 7 SRM Laying of Wreath Arlington, VA
April 9 SRM Clarksburg Court & West Virgina Court Clarksburg, WV
April 11 SRM Pineland Court Portland, ME
April 16-18 SRM Missouri Grand Court Springfield, MO
April 19-21 SRM Pennsylvania Grand Court Harrisburg, PA
April 23-25 SRM Massachusetts Grand Court Salem, MA
April 23-25 SC Arkansas Grand Court Fayetteville, AR
April 30-May 2 SRM New Jersey Grand Court Mount Laurel, NJ

May 2020

May 7-9 SRM Arizona Grand Court Phoenix, AZ
May 14-16 SRM Oklahoma Grand Court Oklahoma City, OK
May 21-23 SRM Florida Grand Court Tampa, FL
May 21-23 SC New York Grand Court Syracuse, NY
May 21-23 SAC Ohio Grand Court Columbus, OH
May 29-30 SRM Ontario Grand Court Burlington, ONT

June 2020

June 4-6 SRM Indiana Grand Court Nashville, IN

July 2020

July 5-9 123rd Supreme Council Assembly Portland OR

Key for 2019-2020
SRM=Supreme Royal Matron, Honored Lady Dorothy Kippie
SAM=Supreme Associate Matron, Honored Lady Mary Wyatt
 SC=Supreme Conductress, Honored Lady Stella Joyner
SAC=Supreme Associate Conductress, Honored Lady Susan Patchin

* = As per the Constitution