Supreme Diabetes Coordinator

Hello from your Supreme Diabetes Co-Coordinators!
HL Susan Patchin, SRM and SK Mel Fossell, SRP, chose the 3 of us to be your coordinators for raising funds for Diabetes.  HL Amy Jones, Tennessee, is the Coordinator for the Eastern District; HL Susan McKinney, Illinois, is the Coordinator for the Central District; HL Anne Beaton, Oregon/Washington, is the Coordinator for the Western District.  The order form is included here to print out or copy and use as well as photos of the items.  We are selling 8 items:  10″ cuddly Koala, crystal koala pendant, Koala/Hourglass pendant, Koala/Hourglass pin, Neck Wallet, Koala notecard in a pack of 1, 3 or 5 notecards.  Fill out your form, mail to the coordinator of your district, making the check out to your coordinator.  If you would like to meet with your coordinator, please contact her to make arrangements.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
As well as the items the three of us are selling, HL Debi Olson, Missouri, is selling polo shirts and garment bags with the Koala and Hourglass on them.  If you are interested in a polo shirt or garment bag, please use the appropriate order form and mail it to the address on the form along with payment as specified on the form.
HL Amy Jones, Eastern District,
HL Susan McKinney, Central District,
HL Anne Beaton, Western District,